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Being a zone of great tourism activity, the historical part of the city of Havana offers a wide variety of places where you will be able to savor excellent dishes. You will find represented there the most important international cuisines, going from the Cuban traditional dishes to the Arab ones, passing through the Spanish cuisine, the Chinese one, and others even more specific such as that of Valencia in Spain.

Restaurants and coffee shops in this area have the same features as the hotels and it is not common finding big restaurants. On the contrary, most of them are small and cozy and they are very well adapted to the specific places they are located in. You will be able to find them in hotels, other centers such as museums, or independently, but you will surely find a great deal of them and with a much varied offer.

The environments in which the restaurants of this area function are also very varied. There are ones, as it is more common, in enclosed spaces and ornamented with motifs related to their offer. In this case we find examples such as the “Mesón de la flota”, in which it has been a recreated an ambiance similar to that of a traditional seaman tavern. In the same way, you will be able to find them in open or half-open spaces, be it in plazas, streets or roofs with magnificent views of the city or the port.

Another similar variant is that of locating the restaurants in inner portals or patios. That allows them to create a very cozy environment close to the way of living of noble and middle-class families of colonial Havana . A lunch or dinner among columns, arcs, gardens, and bird songs may be a captivating and unique experience you would like to live through again.

Ads By CiberSpaces
Ads By CiberSpaces

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