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Mercure Sevilla Hotel
Mercure Sevilla Hotel
Old Havana, Havana City
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Havana in general has a very active nightlife. Many qualify Havana as the city that never sleeps. This is a fact that is pretty much true in tourist zones like Vedado and Old Havana, where many of the movies, theaters, cabarets, nightclubs, and bars are located. In Havana, there is much less traffic and commercial ads than in the average cities, but it is said that what is most attractive in Havana to night lovers around the world is the sympathy of the inhabitants of this city, who in turn are the most devote followers of the night fiesta that awaits you in Old Havana.

One feature that becomes really attractive for tourists to come to this area of the city in particular is the safety they feel when wandering along its transited and well-lighted streets. Despite robbery is not the rule, but rather the exception, the presence of police officers, in many cases with cars or dogs, will be noted in many streets and plazas even at night.

In Old Havana, just like in the Vedado neighborhood, nightlife is particularly notable in the seaside Malecón areas. The agreeable and sometimes necessary marine breeze even in the warmest nights together with some music and gastronomical offers along this coastal avenue attracts a great deal of people towards the littoral. It is not doubted that this ambiance becomes an ideal scenario for romanticism and love.

An element that makes the nights in the historical core of Old Havana notably beautiful is undoubtedly the effect of lighting over many buildings and monuments of that zone. The illumination gives live to the stone and the metal and fills with colors the nights of Havana . Even the street lighting has its own style with old-styled street lamps that enhance the beauty of the almost five-century-old city.

From the Malecón of Old Havana, you will be able to admire the ray of light that every 3 and 12 seconds flies over the city to get lost then in the horizon of the Strait of Florida and guides the seamen in its waters. In the same way, the gigantic marble Christ of Havana stays erect over a hill that raises him 272 ft. over the sea level. Also perfectly illuminated, the Christ blesses this sleepless city which, exactly at 9 pm every night, hears the shot of the cannon "Caudillo" (chief) in the fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña in a ceremony announcing that in the Havana of the past, the gates would be closed, but it also announces that in the Old Havana of these days the night is not born yet, that there is still too much to live, and that the fiesta still goes on.
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